The book "No One Will Believe You" has been a long cherished project by Physical Evidence Museum and literature magazine "Punctum" that was finally made real in December 2023. The book comprises documentary stories by Latvian, Estonian and Polish women from the collection of Physical Evidence Museum and new poetry by Latvian and British writers on the subject of domestic violence.
Featuring 30 authors, among them well known Latvian poets like Lote Vilma Vītiņa, Madara Gruntmane, Ligija Purinaša, Anna Belkovska, Aivars Madris and others, "No One Will Believe You" is the first book in Latvian on domestic violence with so many contributing authors.

The co-editors of the book are Laura Stašāne from Physical Evidence Museum and Laura Brokāne from Punctum, the designer - Anete Krūmiņa, publisher - "Punctum".

The publishing of the book has been a challenging and unyielding process for two and a half years with many rejections on the way, and we are very grateful to everyone who kindly donated, and most of all we thank the British Embassy in Latvia for their support that made this book possible.

"No One Will Believe You" is on sale in the biggest bookshops in Latvia, including Jānis Roze, Globuss, Latvijas Grāmata a.o. During 2024 it will also be made available in selected libraries across Latvia.