Donate your object and story

One in three women in Latvia and in Europe experience domestic violence in their lifetime in the form of physical, emotional, sexual or economic abuse. Majority of the cases are never talked about. Yet, it is not a secret that you have to carry alone.

At “Physical Evidence Museum” we are creating a collection of things that are witnesses of domestic violence, and we encourage you to share your story with us! It can be any everyday item that you connect with your experience, a thing that you may want to get rid of, or a thing that was there when violence happened but could never be accepted as credible evidence in police or court. 

Send us your item together with an accompanying story. It should be at least 1-3 sentences, but feel free to write as much as you want!

The application is anonymous. However, if you are ok to provide your contacts, we will be grateful and only use it to get in touch with you should we have any questions. 

You can reach us anytime at

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