Reading Marathon

During the “Physical Evidence Museum” exhibition in Riga on 9 September 2020 a 24 hour reading marathon of personal testimonies took place with participation of women survivors of domestic violence and their supporters. Each woman was reading the story of another to create a space of solidarity, safety and trust. The marathon was open to the public and streamed on internet radio.

This act of solidarity was carried out to break the silence around domestic violence that keeps many women from telling their story and being heard.

In December 2020 Reading Marathon's participants took part in the charity marathon “Dod pieci!” organized by the Latvian public broadcasting and dedicated to reducing domestic violence. In August 2021 at the “Punctum” literature festival the participants of Reading Marathon came together with Latvian poets to do an evening of readings of documentary stories and new poetry on the subject of domestic violence.

In summer of 2021, Reading Marathons took place also in Warsaw and Tallinn as part of “Physical Evidence Museum” exhibitions in these cities with participation of Polish and Estonian women.